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3D Face Shield

Our 3D V15 Face Shield combines our rapidly-prototyped (through additive manufacturing) face shield frame and a polycarbonate-based face shield visor (PC-V15).


They are flexible and resilient PPEs that serve as an additional layer of safety equipment i.e. first layer protection before face masks.


They provide excellent full-face protection against liquid splatters, particles, and other environmental elements or hazards. They are strongly recommended for front-line personnel.


Our face shields are made with medical-grade material. They are reusable after gently cleaning with soap and water, and are compatible with alcohol disinfectant. They are also replaceable after wear and tear.


Key Features

  • Easily sanitised
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Full-face visor coverage from hairline to over the chin
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable frame, suitable for use with goggles or spectacles
  • Reusable and replaceable face shield visors


We are also able to provide customised face shields such as printing personal or company names/logos on the side of frames.


For more enquiries, contact us at WhatsApp at +65 9431 6938.

3D Face Shield

Colour (subject to availability)
  • Our face shields are primarily designed to fit local Singaporean head sizes.


    For Use and Storage

    • Use between -5°C to +45°C
    • Store between -10°C to 45°C and <85% humidity
    • Recommended max shelf life of 1 year
    • Do NOT use this product against hazards other than those specified (refer to Technical Datasheet for further information)
    • NOT medically-certified for emergency use in a shortage situation


    For full details, please download our Technical Datasheet PDF here.


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